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Our service goes much further than just designing a web page. Included in our package price are:

  • Design of the web page
  • Buying the URL and setting up at a web host. If you wish we handle that for you so that you only have to deal with us and no other (the annual cost for the URL and the host are not included)
  • Registering the business in “Google Business”. A good representation in Google Business is often more valuable than the webpage itself. It can be tricky to get a good reference but we know the insights to get you a good display.
  • SEO – Search engine Optimization
  • We will watch the performance of you page for the next 2 years and try to improve your traffic and ranking. You will get regular emails with a summary of the performance of your page.
  • Small changes on the pages are at no cost for a period of 2 years. Thereafter we might charge a small fee.


Besides simple web pages we offer also more complex solutions including databases,real time displays, web shops and payment support, Bulk SMS and E-mails, etc...

  • Complex pages including:- Web shops, ticket sales, etc.
  • Database solutions
  • Management systems like a school management system
  • ERP - Electronic resource planning


  • Web Pages

  • www.eddiessafarikenya.com

    A page for a safari tour operator. The page is “responsive” meaning it works on mobile-phone, tablet and desktop, each with a different optimized layout.

    The page has several animations with fading text and pictures. There is a preview and link to the facebook page and the Tripadvisor listing. Furthermore there is a floating “Whatsapp” button which allows a direct chat to the person in charge. (This is a very unique feature which you rarely find on other pages).

    The mobile-phone version works with buttons and swipes. Phone numbers and email addresses connect direct to the phone functions when pressed.

  • www.masairesort.com

    This web-page is for a company with various restaurants and hotels located in Mombasa.

    The web-page is fully responsive and contains features like parallax scrolling and other small animations to keep it interesting for the viewers.

    The page also contains a Whatsapp widget and clickable links on the contacts for easy contacting.

  • www.kenya-fishing.com

    This is a simple yet modern web-page that is fully responsive for fishing charters in Kenya.

    The web-page is bi-lingual, written in both English and German to fit the business's main audience.

Other Web-Pages

  • Web Applications

  • School Information system for Mudzini School

    This is a management system for a school. It includes features like:

    Members database (for students, staff, and teachers)

    Organization of year groups, classes and departments

    Taking of attendance

    Management of timetables

    Organization of library and logs of borrowed items

    Making of bills

    Reporting/ Marking system for students

  • Interactive Web-Application for a Job Agency

    This is a recruitment agency web-page that matches employers to employees through the JKS employment agency.

    Employees fill in an online form that they submit and is stored in a database. The agency then checks the employee detail and calls them in for a n interview and matches them with the most suitable employer.

    Employers can also post adverts on the page to attract employees, this is also done through a form and validated by the JKS agency.

  • www.demo.karaokeshow.today

    This is an interactive web-application for Karaoke hosts. Your guests will have your song-list on their smart phones. They can sign-in to the show and then book songs online. The booked songs then appear in the line-up.

    The service will be customized with your infomation and you get a url like "myname".karaokeshow.today and comes at a small annual fee.

    Features of the service:

    To prevent not present people from booking songs, the host hangs out an "event-pin" at the venue.

    Moving songs up/down in the Line-up can only be done by the host.

    Deleting songs in the Line-up can be done by the host and the owner of the song.

    When it is time for the next singer, the host has to enter the top entry in the Line-up in his karaoke system and delete it.

    Signed-in people are automatically signed out after 10 hours.

    The "Who is signed in" list have to be manually deleted by the host after the event.(see bottom of host page)

  • www.mombasa-gokart.com/Me-At-Go-Kart

    This is a information and reporting system for a Go-Kart track.

    Displaying real-time data of the action on the race track

    Delivering racing reports after a drive. The driver gets a sms with a web-link to his driving report.

    Downloadable personalized stickers shareable to Instagram etc.

    Information about up-coming drives and waiting time

    Team-Radio. The drivers get spoken info while on the track. Lap-times , improvements, positions in the race, etc.

  • Special Features

  • Automated payments

    John Doe Live at Go-Kart --- 1st November 2020

    Entrance at the gate: 600/-

    Early online booking: 300/- (until latest 1st January 2020)

    Book by - on number:
    After successful payment you will receive a ticket-code here and by sms. Just present this code at the entrance.

    This is an example for online payments.

    Try it out, it will cost you KSh 1.00, but this will be refunded at midnight the same day.

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